SCRIPTURAL TEXT: GENESIS 2:18-24
According to the scriptural text in Genesis 2:18-24, the bible talks about God’s thought about creating the woman because He saw that it was not good for the man to be alone and then decided to give him a helper, a partner and a companion.
God sought for the woman to be a help-meet to the man, so He made the man fall into a deep sleep and while he slept, the Lord took out one rib out of the man’s ribs. This explains why the bible says that a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the two shall become one.
With this knowledge it is therefore paramount for women to know and understand what their husbands expect from them to maintain a healthy communication level in their relationships.
Women ought to know that:
1.      All that a man has is His wife
2.      Communication with Love is vital (Eph 4:15)
3.      Timing and environment of communication matters
4.      Being straight and get to the point is important. Do not bring up past issues.
5.      Touch, eye contact while communicating is important
6.      Be positive, saying the right words matters. (Eph 4:29)
7.      Listen- allowing enough time. (James 1:19)
8.      Don’t be defensive (accept corrections)
9.      Be forgiving (when the man is at fault) (Col 3:13)
Tips to a man’s heart.
1.     Recognize him as the head of the household (Eph 5:21-24)
2.    Text your husband, call him while at work. Make him feel and know that he is missed and needed
3.    Be concerned about his needs
4.   Get involved in his extra curriculum activities. i.e sports, cable news e.t.c
5.   Seek his opinion in your affairs, i.e work related.
6.   Let him know that he is your best friend.
7.   Be interested in him, observe his dressing, have an opinion on what he wears.
8.   Make time to prepare his meals (if you can cook). Serve him
9.   Invite him for dinner and offer to pay for it.
10. “Mother” him.

All this and more are ways to attract and get your husband’s full attention. And I pray that the Lord will grant every woman the grace to uphold their homes according to God’s plan.